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Johnny Ludlow -

Supervising Location Manager



I started off in the film and TV industry back in 1992 as a chaffeur & assistant to the Chairman of Ealing Film Studios. After a taste of life on set I was hooked and to this day one of the favourite parts of my role as Supervising Location Manager is being on set with a radio(or radios) in my hand.


After my time at Ealing Film Studios I worked my way up through the Assistant Directors Department before finally settling into life in the Location Department, which even after over 25 years I continue to thrive on the variety of work each new project brings.


I am a location manager on a variety of different projects including reality tv, commercials, tv sketch shows, drama, feature films and live events.  I increasingly work all over the world and am happy to be head off anywhere to do my job. Recently I have worked on Bad Sisters for Apple, TFIB for Netflix and Paradise for Fox traveling to Ireland, Mexico and Panama.

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