What we do here at Search Party Productions...


Scouting & Location Management

We provide scouting or location managing services so we can just find the location you are looking for or we can provide full managemnet services so the day runs smoothy. As we work on a variety of projects we can provide a tailored quote dependent on your type of project i.e. Film, Television, Commercials. 




After working on such a variety of programmes from large scale dramas to hidden camera magic shows we can provide consultancy at the development stage of your producton no matter how unusual it is. We are fairly shockproof, try us.

Equipment Hire & Security

As the correct kit / equipment is key to a production running smoothly and preventing damage we can provide essential equipment at very reasonable rates with even better rates the longer you need it for as well as bespoke packages.


We can consult on security issues and recommend the right level of security required.